“Experiments” Continued…

Below is a mixed media piece in my pouring medium “Experiments” series:
This piece features wool and watercolour sticks. The hairy under layer is actually blue-black wool roving. I used it in a way that provides a gradient-look by thinning out the hairs from bottom up. I find that it complements the blue-black tint in the watercolour stick background drawing:
imageThe amber-like forms on the bottom of the canvas are translucent and you can see the hairs through them. These also emit iridescent dots of bronze and fiery copper that also fade out towards the top of the painting.

The white cloud-like forms are built up in layers to resemble porcelain. It reminds me of blue and white china:

Here’s a view from the side:
I think these micro-scapes can be something from an alien-world or ours if you look closely enough.  I hope you like it.