As promised, here is another one from Seasons mini-series, “Winter”:
img_3854 I had the hardest time with this one. A kind of block~ I don’t know if it’s because I really don’t like winter. As I get older, I don’t seem to handle cold and dark very well.

Anyhoo, for me, the good things about winter are being warmed by a hearth, rest, hibernation and sleep. I wanted to show a blanket of cold over a sleeping earth:
The hard earth below is done with many textured rocks built up into layers:

Over the earth, is a dark stormy sky mottled with forming snow:

And on top of the blanket of cold, through the veil of sleep, snowy sprinkles:
img_3857 The white striations remind me of stitching on blankets.

I hope you like this piece, I am satisfied with its overall harmonious and calming feel despite the stormy clouds.


Here’s an update of the piece I started:


Above you can see a few details added onto the background that I had before. Organic motifs were carved out, black and white oil colour was pushed into the grooves of the carvings. Transparent glass beads were pressed into the wax. Which reminds me, another great thing about working in encaustic is that it is very accommodating in regards to mixed media; you can use collage methods as well as embedding things right into the wax. A Blue oil stick was used to smudge colour around the perimeter. A little note about oil sticks just in case you’re interested: oil sticks are oil paint in stick form so they’re drier. They only take 24hrs to dry which is really good if you want to work quickly and put on different layers.

To me, it looks like a wintry scene so far. I don’t know yet if it’s going to stay that way or not. At this point, I’ll just let it dry and breathe for a bit before the next layer goes on.

Below is a detail and a couple of different views of the piece: