WIP, Glazing

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good start into your week. I have been working on a couple of projects, and in case you were getting bored with the paint swatches, I thought I would mix it up a bit. Here is a work in progress:


This painting is half-finished. I am waiting for the layer to dry in order to apply thin glazes on top.  As usual, some parts are dry and some aren’t. As you know I am impatient but I will preserve (note my spiffy new easel)! I am working from a reference photo but I wanted to paint a looser version of the original. I’m interested in conveying the depth of the beautiful and unearthly dark and light blue-green of the water.

I hope this one will turn out the way I imagined it.

Thanks for visiting,


“Experiments” Series

As you know I’ve been working with pouring mediums lately. I’ve decided to group most of these paintings that share the same form factor (4″x4″ on canvas) into a series called “Experiments”. Because they are experimental in nature, these pieces primarily focus on exploring pouring medium with other media. Below is the latest one (again, please excuse the glare, they are difficult to photograph):
In this painting I incorporated glass beads. I love the look of the beads in this piece since the beads obviously lend themselves to bubbles in water.:

Some of the beads are iridescent to compliment the shifting hues when light reflects off the water when it moves:

Another fun thing was to put a flat glass piece over my initial, providing a see-through feature like a window:

Below is a shot showing the sides of the deep-edge canvas with drippage:

I have to say I really enjoy making these pieces because they are explorative and fun. I hope you enjoy them too.