Collage with washi tape

Collage does not come naturally to me. But fooling around with washi tape makes collage really easy.

Below is a white on black piece I did for fun. This is a rare occasion where I used black paper. I bought a little pad of it recently so I can try it out.


The lines were made by using Uni Signo white pen. However, I am not too happy with it in this application. The lines are a bit too thick for my liking for such a small piece. For larger pieces, the lines are much better in scale. I applied gold gouache for the sun and the rest is washi tape. It’s kind of whimsical and totally improvised.

Using washi tape is a great way to create fast collages because you can just tear it off from the roll and it can be repositioned.

Have you tried washi tape?

Wishing you an official summer weekend!

Guilty pleasures

Hello dear readers, I hope everyone had a good Father’s Day weekend. I had a good and busy one, which meant not enough time to make art. So I tried to get a bite-size art snack in by doodling and sorting washi tape.

Guilty pleasures, everyone has them. Mine is art supplies, craft supplies and stationary. So I sorted washi tapes and fooled around with them in my sketch book:


The page was previously painted by testing out different acrylic paints. I find that they make good backgrounds. After that I applied bits of washi tape and white paint pen to make line drawings on top.

Sometimes you just have to fool around and do something just for fun!