Here is the last piece in the Zodiac series:
img_3802Capricorn is my star-sign.

I wanted to use deep blues and one of my favorite colours, Payne’s Gray for most of the painting. It’s hard to see, but variations of blue are used along the edges.img_3803

It’s also hard to see the bluish iridescent highlights on top of the star-sign itself :

But, I do really like the abyss of blue space and millions of stars within:

I’m glad my family’s star-sign project is finally completed. We’ll see if they work as a grouping while having incorporated everyone’s preferences in the individual paintings.


Here is the Pisces piece from the Zodiac series:
img_3794 This one is done with a fiery “nebula-like” centre by request of my eldest son.

To reflect the fiery “underpainting”, I decided to include a red line on the profile of the painting:
img_3795The sides of the painting are still matte black. I want to keep the matte black as a unifying feature on all four pieces of this series.

More details:
img_3797 The sign part if the painting was done with white and an iridescent green to offset the warm centre of the painting. Again, it’s really hard to capture depth of these paintings in my photo. Moreover, it’s also hard to show the shift in the colours as the light hits the painting in various angles. Hopefully, you still get the sense of it.

Zodiac series, “Cancer”

Hello everybody, below is a painting from a small series of zodiac paintings called “cancer”:
img_3787This was done with acrylic pouring medium. I thought the medium would be perfect for this subject matter. Which, I do agree by the look of the finished product but it was by far, one of the most time-consuming paintings.

Here is a side view:
img_3788I decided to paint the sides in matte black. The painting wasn’t the only hard part but taping off the edges and trying to get a perfect edge is difficult (you have to cut off the acrylic layers with a blade).

The glossy, layered and highly reflective surface is great to illustrate the stars in the galaxy:
img_3789But it is really hard to keep the surface pristine and free from fingerprints, dust, bubbles and dents while working on the many layers.

More detail views:
img_3791It is mesmerizing to look into the different layers of the painting. But the layers are relatively soft and easy to mar until the piece is varnished at the end.

I decided to make only four of these, one for each member of my family. I thought they would be nice displayed as a grouping. My reason for limiting the numbers of these paintings is due to their laboriousness. They are also nerve-wracking to make: precise cutting of the edges, many layers of pouring medium and easy damageability during the making process. But, I’m glad it’s done and pretty happy with the result. This piece was for my youngest son.