Needle-Felted Kitty

Just finished this needle-felted cat for a commission:


The cat is 100% wool and needle-felted all the way through. It took a long time because of its size: 10 inches. That doesn’t seem so big but when you’re poking tiny needles to get the wool to felt, it takes a really long time.

The scarf and eyes are also needle-needle felted; the scarf for the look and pattern and the eyes for safety, since it’s going to be a gift for a young child.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the result of being understatedly cute not over-the-top cartoony. Hopefully, the recipient will like too.

Needle-felted goldfish: fish out of water

Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water. Do you ever feel like that?

This is a needle-felted goldfish I did for fun. I like the look on its face because it looks the way I feel sometimes. Underneath the fish, is a cropping of a watercolour piece that is used in my blog header.

I’ve got so many things going on personally and artistically. This blog and connecting with people in a public manner is new for me. I don’t know which issue I should tackle first or which direction I should take. In the past when I felt overwhelmed, I would break things down to bite-sized pieces. I am attempting to do just that while writing this post:

  • I feel torn between different art media, because time is short
  • I feel inadequate in developing a larger audience
  • I feel I need more space to work, but do not want to encroach on house space
  • I feel I should be making things to sell, but now I’m immersed in honing my art skills
  • I always feel overwhelmed by housework that needs to be kept in check or I will have an instant sty
  • I feel I need to be present for my family instead of always thinking about art

I think I have to evaluate these things. Suggestions and advice are welcome.

I hope you have a wonderful week.