Another Painting from the “Experiments” Series

Here’s my latest finished piece from the “Experiments” series:
I say “finished” because I find myself working on several pieces at once. This is because I work on other pieces while some layers are drying. Anyhoo, this piece is mixed media that includes metallic thread and glass.

Here is a close up of the metallic threads:
image It’s unfortunate I was not able to show very well, the magenta reflection of the threads.

Here’s the closeup of the glass cabochon used to highlight my initial:
The blackish circles are interesting because they’re made with micaceous iron oxide. They have the texture of sandpaper, kind of like iron shavings suspended in polymer emulsion.

The background of the piece was done with black scribbles of acrylic paint. I wanted to express movement and dynamism:

Overall, I was pleased with the painting. I like the colours being strong and contrasting (black and magenta) while maintaining a softness. The softness is achieved by the thinning down of high chroma magenta variegated with alizarin crimson.

Mixed media painting with pouring medium

Hello everyone, as you know I’ve been playing around with pouring medium. I recently made a piece that has inclusions of metallic embroidery thread below:
I don’t know if it’s really noticeable at first glance. But as you know, one of the things I like most about working with pouring medium is the ease of incorporating layers. Layers make the piece more interesting and rich by revealing visual motifs piecemeal. The more you look, the more you find. I guess that’s true for most things but with pouring medium, it’s a three-dimensional effect through transparent and or translucent medium.

Below are more close-ups:
Above you can see the embroidery thread embedded in the medium of the painting.

I’d like to mention that sometimes the pieces are hard to photograph because of the glare from the shiny surface. And that the pieces are usually better in real-life.