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Hello everyone, I hope you have been keeping well and the new year has been kind to you so far.

I have had a nice break. The first week of the new year was an extension of the Christmas break for our household, since the kids had the first week off from school. After that it was my birthday. I was fortunate/smart in receiving what I wanted for Christmas and birthday gifts (I told my DH exactly what I wanted: everybody is happy šŸ˜Š). Below is a pic of my spoils:

IMG_4498 I got snob paints, my first real easel and an Ikea cart/taboret. I’m excited to take these babies for a spin. I will be doing some paint swatches and noting my impressions soon.

Keep well and thanks for visiting,


“Distant Shores”

Hello everyone, Happy Friday! I am looking forward to the weekend. I don’t know about you, but it seems that every week is about just barely getting through the week, and finally breathing a sigh of relief on Friday night. There’s always something coming up, something that have to be done or dealt with and it’s exponentially worse when there are kids involved. Anyhoo, enough of my ranting..

Below is a 4″x12″ acrylic painting called “Distant Shores” (click on image to see larger view):
I’ve received several comments from people who wanted to know the actual size of my pieces. I thought my site name was self-explanatory šŸ˜†; I do like to work small. Art materials are expensive and the larger the work, the more it costs, and usually takes longer to complete. I am not opposed to working large and I may at some point, but since a lot of my works are experimental (as in, me testing out ideas/materials), I have kept my pieces small. So from now on, I will try to include the sizes of my pieces. I am still learning about putting my work out there in the wide wide world of the interweb, so reader feedback is much appreciated.

Moving on to “Distant Shores”, this piece was purely intuitive. I painted it late one night without intending to do any painting. I saw the canvas (by the way, I hoard/stock up on canvases when I see a bargain) and I just started to paint. This piece ended up looking like an alien city, but technically it was about making scratches into the surface of the paint:
img_3870As you can see above, many lines and scribbles were inscribed into the surface as well as leaving patches of gold.

I really enjoyed making the gold fine-line scribbles:
img_3869The thin gold lines that make up the scribbles resemble a storm. I imagine this type of weather in an alien world (although this happens on earth too).

In this detail you can see a vague silhouette of a city that is aglow from the evening sun:

I decided to render the sun in a playful liquid swirl:
I hope you like this piece, it was something new for me in terms of subject matter, technique and process. I am trying to expand my horizons and explore art mediums and or techniques that are new to me. Thanks for coming along with me in my journey. Have a nice weekend.

Weird doodles


Sometimes I just make some weird doodles. I don’t know where they come from or why but they just emerge, it’s the same with some faces I draw. Sometimes I’m embarrassedĀ at the silly things that come out but I decided to post this image anyway for the very reason thatĀ I didn’t want to. In fact, this blog is very hard for me because I’m a very private and introverted person.Ā However, I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone in order to connect with others through my art.



I’ve always loved plants but hated gardening (bug phobia). Lately, I’ve realized that succulents are really forgiving despite my black thumb. Above is my succulent arrangement sitting on my kitchen table. I’m thinking of adding more of these guys into my living space.

As usual, I’ve been busy with life and am still struggling to get any art done. I haven’t given up tho.ā˜ŗļø Thanks for stickin’ with me so far.


A New Year and a little Green

Hello readers,

I hope everyone has had a nice start in the new year.

For me, it’s been rough:Ā transitioning from going to bed late and sleepingĀ in, back to getting up early again. It’s been rough on the kids too. Hopefully, the coming week will feel better and everyone will be settled back in the routine.

I mentioned earlier that I my life was very busy andĀ felt a bit chaotic. During these times, I couldn’t do any art but craved a little ‘green’. By ‘green’ I mean a bit of plant-life that seems to help me feel soothed and connected to the natural world around me. I came upon these Marimo moss balls on the inter-web and saw some unique ways of housing them. Here is what mine looks like:


It sits on my windowsill above my kitchen sink. I cheers me up with the green moss ball and the bright colours of the coral bits. It makes me think of how necessary it is to have beauty around us for a sense of well-being.

Wishing you well for the rest of the week,


Apologies and a Wish


Hello dear readers,

It’s been a while. Despite my intentions and efforts, I wasn’t able to keep up the blog for the last couple of months. Life has been a whirlwind of things that needed to be done, not for myself but family. So I apologize. I am hoping things will be back to normal soon.

Meanwhile, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful holiday season and a New Year full of good health, happiness and hope.

‘Till next year,


I’m back (sort of)

Better late than never: as I promised in my previous post a WHILE ago, I said I would be back in September. Today is the last day of September.

I have some unexpected news: while I was on my long-awaited vacation in Europe, I broke my ankle. It was a shock to me and my family to have this happen in our vacation. It was the first bone I ever broke in my body.

To make the long story short, I had surgery to fix my ankle and was hospitalized for a week. Our vacation was cut two weeks short. IĀ felt awful and guilty for having done this to my family. But in the end, my own pain, exhaustion and discomfort put an end to the guilt, and I just wanted to get home quickly.

It was a gruelling two days of travel for us and myself, who needed to have my leg raised at all times.

Since I’ve been home, I have been trying to recuperate and deal with other personal and family matters. I just wanted you, my readers, to know that I will be resuming my blog, but slowly.

I hope you all had a great summer and I leave you with a picture of a pretty town in Switzerland called Thun: