A little while ago, I went kayaking for the first time in my life. Above is a picture of where we paddled and what it looked like in my mind, afraid of the unknown.

While I wouldn’t consider myself an ‘outdoors’ girl due to a fear of bugs, but I do appreciate the beauty of nature. However, I am scared of being on the open ocean, even though I know how to swim. The vastness of the open water, and being in the middle of it, freaks me out. So when I promised my husband that I would go kayaking with him, I made a promise with good intentions.

In reality, I was scared, but I never go back on a promise (except for the time I promised my brother I would bring him a dinosaur toy from the museum when I was in grade 5, I still feel guilty about it to this day). So I HAD to go.

When I actually bit the bullet and went into the kayak and onto the sea, I was so stressed. My husband did everything he could to calm me down, as I tried to I paddle frantically to reach the nearest piece of land. Soon, I realized I wouldn’t sink sink. We tried some manoeuvres like squaring up against the waves created by the wake of powerboats, and didn’t sink or tip over. After a while, I began to relax.

As we paddled further, we came upon a formation that was like a little cave, and my husband asked if we should paddle in. Somehow I felt a sense of adventure and agreed. It was so wonderful, I felt like a kid discovering something new. Below is a picture of the ‘cave’ we paddled into and how beautiful it was with the light at the end:


You might be wondering about what I am trying to say in this post. I am merely reminding myself not to forget the sense of adventure in life once in a while. There is a lot to discover if you allow yourself.