Ceramic Interlude

Hi everybody, I decided to post a picture of my ceramic pieces:

PotteryTo change things up from oil painting stuff.

My son and I had decided to do pottery in the late summer. I picked these up recently, since I didn’t have time to get them when they were done. These pieces were among the last batch that we picked up. Most of them were hand-building pieces with the exception of a couple, that were wheel-thrown.

We took up pottery to enjoy a simple hobby together just for the summer. We also wanted to use the ones that turned out to pot our plants in (we were into getting some new plants then). I just wanted to make simple pinch pots and relax.

Most of the ones I made were small, the ones in the picture are the larger ones and the most monochromatic. My son’s were mostly experimental pieces that involved the wheel. He thought the wheel was more exciting. I’m glad my son and I did this together.

Some of the pieces came out interesting and some I can certainly use for planting.

I wish you a lovely weekend.