Here is another painting in the ‘Experiments” series called “Home”:
image This piece is done with pre-mixed acrylic in the pouring medium; meaning all the colours were mixed into the pouring medium before it was applied to the canvas. None of the colours were dropped into the medium as some of the other pieces were.

In this painting, I wanted the image to be very simple using one technique. I also wanted to make a picture of a house that we all made at some point, in our childhood. I wanted a house that we can all identify, illustrated innocently. Hence, the use of bright primary colours and rudimentary depiction of house and yard.

I like the angled-slope created by the gravity pulling the medium down one side. The full-frontal look of the piece reminds me of those clay or glass tiles that have a glazed picture on them.

Here’s a shot from the side:

I find that entering into fall, we tend to nest indoors more. I hope you enjoy the coziness of your home and have a restful weekend.