Lightness of heart

imageI have decided that one of my personal goals is to have a light heart. This realization comes from thinking about my emotional well-being for everyday living.

It is my personality type–if there is such a thing–to take things too seriously. I don’t mean that I can’t take a joke, ’cause I can, but I take life and responsibility very seriously. Taking things too seriously does take a toll on my ability to enjoy life. I tend to be a worrywart and it has gotten a lot worse since I had kids.

When I was young and single, I was pretty fearless. I was only responsible for myself and I could handle anything that came my way. Since having a family, I have started to feel vulnerable and have become fearful of losing them or having something bad happen to them. I suddenly felt out of control, so I started worrying about everything. Now, I realize that my worrying does not change anything and, in fact, it changes how I interact with my family, for the worse.

Having a light heart, to me, means creating a separation from recognizing the issues that need to be addressed and understanding when there’s nothing that can be done at the moment. So, while there’s nothing to be done, instead of worrying about it, enjoy the moment that is in front of you.

Wishing you a lovely day … I’m gonna try to keep it light 😄