Paintings 27&28

Greetings! It’s Friday and I hope everyone will have a great weekend. Here are #27&28:

#27 “China and Cherries”, oil on birch panel, 4″x4″
img_4440I am happy with this piece. I like the level of rendering, the composition and the colour harmony. I find it pleasing somehow.

#28 “Kitty”, oil on birch panel, 4″x4″
img_4441It was hard to find a reference of a cat that was not typical. There’s plenty of cat pictures online, even copyright free ones that are cute. I don’t know why I picked this one especially, but I do like the cats face emerging from the shadows and the colour and clarity of its eyes.

Saturday will be New Year’s Eve and I hope you will say goodbye to this year with a glad heart whether it’s from relief or fulfillment. Talk to you in the New Year!

Needle-Felted Kitty

Just finished this needle-felted cat for a commission:


The cat is 100% wool and needle-felted all the way through. It took a long time because of its size: 10 inches. That doesn’t seem so big but when you’re poking tiny needles to get the wool to felt, it takes a really long time.

The scarf and eyes are also needle-needle felted; the scarf for the look and pattern and the eyes for safety, since it’s going to be a gift for a young child.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the result of being understatedly cute not over-the-top cartoony. Hopefully, the recipient will like too.