Patterns II

The other day, I had a lot of fun making patterns. Today, I painted the same watercolour circles again, but this time I used white outlines instead of black ones:


This change to white outlines does give the piece a different look and a lighter feel. The white was done using my favorite white pen, Mitsubishi Uni Signo. I found that the same patterns can look very different depending on lighting and colour.

Below are examples of my patterns after they have been put through different digital filters:


There are so many different looks and possibilities!

Wishing you a great weekend.

Art journal backgrounds

I’ve been working on art journaling lately. I do it because I’m a terrible writer and it’s my way of keeping a diary. It’s also a way of scribbling and allowing yourself to make anything you want without rules and without fear of making mistakes. And it’s too damn hot to do anything else! A quote by Cathy Malchiodi explains it best: Art journaling is about having a visual conversation with yourself. 

Below is a journal page I made on top of a serendipitous background of the back of a magazine:


To combat the “fear of the blank page”, I make the backgrounds ahead of time and write text in after. Sometimes I make the backgrounds in batches. It allows for more freedom and more intuitive expression when I do decide to write in it.




Most of the backgrounds above were done by Gelli printing. It’s a tool for monoprinting that I’ve been using, it’s a lot of fun and easier than using a glass plate.

Do you journal? If so, what are your methods?

Collage with washi tape

Collage does not come naturally to me. But fooling around with washi tape makes collage really easy.

Below is a white on black piece I did for fun. This is a rare occasion where I used black paper. I bought a little pad of it recently so I can try it out.


The lines were made by using Uni Signo white pen. However, I am not too happy with it in this application. The lines are a bit too thick for my liking for such a small piece. For larger pieces, the lines are much better in scale. I applied gold gouache for the sun and the rest is washi tape. It’s kind of whimsical and totally improvised.

Using washi tape is a great way to create fast collages because you can just tear it off from the roll and it can be repositioned.

Have you tried washi tape?

Wishing you an official summer weekend!

Journal doodling

Lately, I’m enjoying fooling around in journals. For me, journals are more forgiving. The things in it don’t have to be works of art. Normally, I try to use all archival materials but in the journals I allow myself to fool around with non-archival ones as well.

Below is a little doodle of a face using Akashiya Sai Japanese brush markers. They are water-soluble and have beautiful, blendable and transparent colours. Here, they were applied on the journal surface and blended with a water brush:


The eyes and mouth were accented by Sakura Pigma Microns on wet surface and applied dry on the head. I love the bleed of the pigment from the microns and the subtle radiance that the Akashiya Sai produces.