Study After Bielen No. 3

Hi everyone, I hope your week has been productive and you have been healthy. I have been struggling with remnants of a cold/sinus headache all week😠.

I find that the Bielen studies have been cheering me up a bit. It’s always nice to have live flowers in the house, but if you don’t a painting of one helps. It’s nice to see flowers in all its different colours. Here’s one in violet:

IMG_4611Study After Bielen No. 3, Oil on Baltic Birch Panel, 5″x7″

This painting is another exercise in painting loose. I used the knife as well as the brush in this one. The violet colour reminds me of Crocuses and Irises, which in turn reminds me of spring. Here’s to wishful thinking😊.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


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6 thoughts on “Study After Bielen No. 3

  1. I can see you’re getting bolder with your palette knife 🙂 this one has a very ethereal nature about it.
    Bielen’s paintings are so clever in the use of light aren’t they and some look like they have a whole tube of paint on them, almost sculpted.

    1. Oh the palette knife- I feel so clumsy with it😕 It’s really interesting doing these copies, I’m learning a lot especially about his brushwork, despite me using mostly the knife. Solidity of the impasto and ethereal use of light and smudging of colours. Thank you for your observations!

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