My Paintbook Pochade part 3

Hi everybody, it’s another Monday I hope your week goes well.

Here is the final installment of my DIY paintbook pochade. The project sounded pretty simple enough but as you can see, the process is a bit involved to get things just right.

Moving on, I made sure everything fit together alright before taking all the hardware apart to paint it. I chose to paint it black to resemble the Edge Pro Paintbook:
img_3881I didn’t have household paint so I ended up using artist’s acrylic paint I had on hand. It’s a pain to paint 3D objects, since you have to wait for one side to dry before you can paint the otherside😡 (and repeat if you’re doing 2 coats, not for those who are impatient).

Here is the box assembled with those spiffy friction hinges:
img_3884I chose to varnish it to give it extra protection. This involved sanding and varnishing. Did I mention I hate sanding? But, the finish is so much nicer when it is sanded though.

Below, is a modification I made that was a little involved. I wanted a way to keep the glass palette down if the box was turned upside down. I don’t think the box will ever be turned upside down, but just in case😜. I wanted the most elegant/unobtrusive method. I don’t know if this is the best method out there, but this is what my brain thought up; I tried to counter sink some flat head screws but my drill was too big to operate inside of the box. So I had to hand-carve the counter-sink holes for the screws (I know, it’s frustrating but you gotta do what you gotta do). Then, I screwed the screws in until it was flush with the sides of the cradle braces. Then, I got some rare earth magnets that I had around the house (from another project I did) and attached (magnetically) them to the four screws on the inside of the box to hold the glass down:img_3886

Next, I secured 3M heavy-duty velcro on the middle part of the lid. This is to secure the panels/canvases that will lean against the lid. The other side of the velcro that will be attached to the canvas or panels will be the cheap kind from the dollar store because they are temporary and will have to be removed anyway:

Ta Da! Here is My Paintbook in action with mid-tone painted (painted underneath the glass) glass palette:img_3889

I hope you enjoyed this post, I don’t know if it Interested anyone but hopefully, someone will find it useful. When I was looking around the interweb, I didn’t find anything like this pochade box, so this was a real experiment for me. Whether it was a worthwhile experiment, only paintings produced with it will tell.

2 thoughts on “My Paintbook Pochade part 3

  1. Very smart design! I like the magnets. My commercial pochade box uses them for other things, and coincidentally holds my palette knife in place. I wonder if you will find that the magnets grab it. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The magnets I have in there do hold it in, but I may not be confident to the degree of holding it upside down and shaking it. I am using it now and finding that I want to clip some accessories to the side of it😄

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