My Paintbook Pochade Part 1

I’ve been thinking of painting in oils for some time now . The only time I tried was when I was sixteen and hated it because of the smell (not only the paint thinner but the linseed oil that is the binder for most oils back then). Now, in our modern age, there are more options in oil paint. Oil paints available now are made with walnut oil, safflower oil, poppy-seed oil, and water-soluble oil to name a few. Despite my not having worked with oil, I always liked the look of oil paintings. because of this, I started to do some researching and found that I needed a palette of sorts.

I wanted the palette to be closable so that the wet paint is not disturbed (ie. accidentally dunk my arm in it). I also did not want it to take up too much space and be able to support small to medium size paintings.

I found the perfect palette called Paintbook from Edge Pro gear:

Paintbook from EdgePro

This baby is sleek and compact. It is closable like a laptop with a glass palette. It also serves as an easel with a lid that stays open in position so canvas or panels can be supported. Sadly, it was way above my price range ($400+ USD, I live in Canada so it’s more like $600, a little exaggeration, but not by much). It is a thing of beauty, but it was not to be.

So, I decided to make my own and came up with my paintbook pochade box (approx. 60 CAD$):

My version “Paintbook”

I’m satisfied with the way this came out though it took a bit of finagling. Things are simple to make in theory, but when you don’t have a woodworking shop with all the tools set up, things can get a little tricky and sometimes a little frustrating. If you are in interested in the process of making this box, stay tuned…

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