Hello dear readers, I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day on the weekend!

Continuing on with the progress of my encaustic piece, I wanted to accentuate the contrast between the blues and the yellows without being too drastic. By the way, turquoise-blues and golden yellows are one of my favorite combinations; the colours remind me of sun and sea. I decided to add imitation gold leaf to the piece; Instead of large patches or masked off areas, I opted for small pieces. The flecks of gold imitates iridescence due to its reflections of the yellows and it’s juxtaposition to the blues. The sheen and reflection of the gold flecks adds an element of movement to the piece because it depends on the viewing angle and light. I think it was the right choice to use the gold leaf in this manner.


Below is a close-up of the yellow side of the piece. You can see the gold flecks as well as the glass beads from the earlier layers. The glass beads look like little craters or even bubbles under the surface. There’s a lot of interest and richness in the texture of this piece aided by different materials used in different layers; in the upper right area, you can also see the white encaustic paint “marbled” with the blues. The conduciveness to layering is one of the wonderful things I appreciate when I work in encaustic.


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