Eye Study

Hi everybody, below is a 4×4″ eye study in oil:

img_4128 I’m still trying to establish some sort of practice routine with oil paints. So, I think I’ll be doing more of these small format studies.

Since doing my previous study of my son’s eye, I found that I really enjoy doing eyes. It’s amazing how different and expressive people’s eyes are. Even without the rest of the face, you can really tell emotions just by the eyes.

In the process of painting eyes, I really enjoy how the eye comes to life near the end of the painting. And the point of doing a study, you really learn quite a bit. For example, the whites of the eye are actually not white but grayish. I also learned the importance of cast shadows on the eyeball as well as highlights and reflections. Here’s a closer look:
img_4129The eye has a quality for inviting the viewer to be able to look “through”. I guess that’s why there’s that saying of “eyes being windows to the soul”.

I hope you will find my studies interesting as I paint/practice my way and through oils.

2 thoughts on “Eye Study

  1. Looks like you are very inspired these days 🙂 Pottery must be fun! I was thinking to try it for fun soon. I like your oil paintings. I like to way how you capture the texture of eyes, sheep… Great job! Keep posting, please!

    1. Hey Yuko, thanks so much. I’m glad someone is interested in my work! I’m not especially inspired these days but I am trying to be more disciplined☺️ It was nice doing pottery, but not at my local community centre where you are charged hourly😞

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