Bird photo transfer in encaustic


I hope everyone had a good weekend, for those of us in Canada we’re still having a good long weekend!

I had some mini cradle boards so I ended up experimenting with them. I decided to use a photo transfer of a bird. This time I used different method: instead of using plain paper, I used parchment paper and the image came out much cleaner. Normally, I would do more to it but I just liked the image with a few thin coats of encaustic and gold rub (Inka Gold – I love this stuff). Inka Gold is a brand of water-based coloured beeswax paste. I don’t know of any other thing like it; it’s odorless, easy to rub in, made for porous surfaces and dries fast. The only drawback is that it only comes in metallic colours.

For those of you who are interested, the red background is my silicone mat that I work on; it’s great, nothing sticks to it and it’s also heat-resistant, ideal for encaustics.

4 thoughts on “Bird photo transfer in encaustic

  1. I really like how this piece has a feeling of depth to it. I don’t know if it’s the wood shining through (I think that’s what it is), the image of the bird mid-depth or the gold edging in the foreground, but it all works together to create that sense of depth. It looks deceptively simple but I’m sure it’s not that simple to create this feeling.

    1. Thanks for the observation. It’s funny that I didn’t try to achieve depth but was just trying to preserve the image by laying down thin coats of medium. It goes to show you that the process sometimes has a mind of it’s own. I just knew that at some point, I like what I was seeing and stopped.

  2. As Nicolaj said, Encaustic seems to give a sense of depth, and give the subjects earmth. It is nice to do feathers and furs with it. I wonder how my cat looks like in encaustic.

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