My Paintbook Pochade Part 2

I started off with these types of wood cradled panels from an art store. I chose to use two 11″x14″ panels. One is 1.5″ deep and the other is .75″ deep:

img_3911I got these cradle panels pretty cheap, the total for both was under $20 CAD on sale. These panels have pretty hefty cradle braces but the painting surface is very thin; I think it’s about 1/8th inch. So I noted that most of the support system, if any, had to be born by the cradle braces on the sides.

Below is the bottom of the pochade box using the 1.5″ profile panel:

img_3877I got 4mm glass cut at the local glazier’s and made sure it fit.

Next, I drilled a hole on the bottom so I can put my finger through it; I wanted this to make it easier to lift out the glass palette if I wanted to clean it etc..:

I also wanted the glass palette to sit higher in the base because I didn’t want the sides to be too deep. However, since the bottom panels are not very strong, I had to make sure that most of the support will be provided by the glueing of the wooden strips to the sides of the braces. The glass will sit on top of the platform created by the wooden strips:

The top of the box is a little different. The slimmer profile of the panel came with thicker but shallower cradle braces:

I found a piece of wood around the house that fit into the centre of the space created inside the bracing. This piece will serve as additional support and will allow the smaller canvas/panels sit flush against the lid. I glued this piece of wood mostly against where it joins with the bracing as well as the bottom, touching the base panel.

Next, for the easel part of the box lid, got some aluminum L shaped rod. I cut it (by hand, not as bad as I thought) to fit the top panel. I pre-drilled the cradle brace and aluminum rod and screwed it into the brace. I made sure the support part of the aluminum surface was level with the brace edge.

The most expensive part of the project were these specialty hinges shown above. These are adjustable torque friction hinges. They can be adjusted to hold at any angle. In my application, the hinges are strong enough to hold a small to medium size canvas or panel. Again, I pre-drilled all the screw holes needed to attach the hinges onto the two cradle panels.

Sorry about the wonky pictures and I hope my explanations make sense. I’m not really good at explaining and documenting things while I’m working on a project. I will post the final part of the pochade making process in my next post. I wish you a good weekend.