Playing with pouring medium

Hi guys, I’m just remembering to post something about what I’ve been doing. Sometimes I’m making art but forget to post. Lately, I’ve been fooling around with pouring medium. Below is a finished painting:


The medium I used was Liquitex pouring medium and a variety of acrylic fluid paints. It was done in several layers. In the above pic, it’s hard to see “the dots” are actually metallic copper, which is much nicer in real life. The qualities I like most about this medium is it’s conduciveness to working in layers, it’s tendency to make colours more brilliant, its transparency and its free-form nature. It promotes playing without a lot of pre-planning because the medium flows and sometimes the paints slide right off the canvas.

To illustrate how much things can change in working with this medium is a pic of how the piece first stated out:
I used inexpensive 4″ x 4″ deep-edge canvases. It does get messy so a tray underneath is a must. Also, in order to control how the paint flows, a level is a good idea. You can shim the canvas or the tray to be level so your paint won’t go all over the place. You’ll get a better idea at the rate the paints will spread by experimenting. And with practice, a degree of control is possible.

So far, I’m really enjoying this medium and experimenting with different paints and additives.