Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker: first impressions

I recently went to my local art supply store and saw a demo of these markers. While I don’t do a lot of marker work, I was excited by these markers because they are pigment based and are lightfast. So if you happen to do a great doodle, it would be frame worthy because of the quality pigments used instead of dye (which usually fades quite rapidly with exposure to light).

I was pleasantly surprised by the painterly quality you can achieve with these markers. When using marker paper, or in my case, Winsor and Newton marker paper, the pigments remain blendable for quite a while. You can rework it over and over again with a colourless blender or W&N white blender.

W&N white blender is semi-opaque. I have to say I love this blender. I haven’t come across a blender like this in marker form before. This blender and the marker paper is what allows to get the painterly effect. You can also can get so many tints of colour to achieve varied monochrome looks and stretch your palette as well.

Below are a couple of quick sketches:


If you do any marker work at all, these are worth investing in.

A New Year and a little Green

Hello readers,

I hope everyone has had a nice start in the new year.

For me, it’s been rough: transitioning from going to bed late and sleeping in, back to getting up early again. It’s been rough on the kids too. Hopefully, the coming week will feel better and everyone will be settled back in the routine.

I mentioned earlier that I my life was very busy and felt a bit chaotic. During these times, I couldn’t do any art but craved a little ‘green’. By ‘green’ I mean a bit of plant-life that seems to help me feel soothed and connected to the natural world around me. I came upon these Marimo moss balls on the inter-web and saw some unique ways of housing them. Here is what mine looks like:


It sits on my windowsill above my kitchen sink. I cheers me up with the green moss ball and the bright colours of the coral bits. It makes me think of how necessary it is to have beauty around us for a sense of well-being.

Wishing you well for the rest of the week,