Watercolour feather

I thought it would be fitting, since my last post was about natural specimens, that I would add a specimen of my own. I really enjoy looking at nature closely (except for bugs, of which I have a phobia) and admiring the its beauty. Oftentimes, even the mundane things when looked at closely are incredible.

Below is a watercolour of a feather I did a while ago. It is on lovely handmade Twinrocker 140lb watercolour paper. As you can see it has deckled edges all around. I’m a sucker for deckled edges, although this one undulates a little too much for my liking but, I don’t want to nitpick.

I love the contrasting hues of the turquoise and burnt orange, the hard edges, the soft colours that bleed into each other and the fine down that gives it more definition. I’m sure there are a myriad of colour combinations of feathers in nature that no one has even thought of.