Mixed media painting with pouring medium

Hello everyone, as you know I’ve been playing around with pouring medium. I recently made a piece that has inclusions of metallic embroidery thread below:
I don’t know if it’s really noticeable at first glance. But as you know, one of the things I like most about working with pouring medium is the ease of incorporating layers. Layers make the piece more interesting and rich by revealing visual motifs piecemeal. The more you look, the more you find. I guess that’s true for most things but with pouring medium, it’s a three-dimensional effect through transparent and or translucent medium.

Below are more close-ups:
Above you can see the embroidery thread embedded in the medium of the painting.

I’d like to mention that sometimes the pieces are hard to photograph because of the glare from the shiny surface. And that the pieces are usually better in real-life.

Geode in wood

Hi everybody, remember the plum-tree way back in this post: craft fodder?
Well here is it as a geode via pouring medium:
I told you it would come in handy some day. I really like the look of it in this application. Here’s another shot showing the bark of the plum-tree slice:
I’m thinking of doing a few of these in a set to be displayed in a shadow box. I love that it mixes beauty in nature with beauty achieved though art.

On a roll with pouring medium

Here’s another pouring medium piece done on cradled wood panel:
This one is 6″x6″. This piece was a failure that turned into a success; by success I mean a piece that I am pleased with in the end. When I started out, I had a different outcome in mind and it wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted. So I changed directions; pouring medium is very forgiving in that, you can always start over on top of the last layer, leaving in only what you want to show through.

Below is a detail that I like very much of the silver paint fragmented by small crackles:

Here are a few more details showing black paint and metallic highlights amongst the layers:

Pouring Medium continued..

Here’s another 4″x4″ painting done with Liquitex pouring medium:
I have to say I’m really enjoying working with this medium. The possibilities I’m sure are endless. The way the acrylic paints react whether it’s heavy body, fluid, high-flow or ink are interesting. Even different paint colours react slightly differently. There’s also a difference between paint being mixed in with the medium first then poured and the paints being dropped onto the canvas on top of the medium.

My favorite thing is to drop medium into already applied paints on the canvas that result in the “window” look; it creates a clear area in the coloured paint itself.

Below is a closer look of the same piece:

Playing with pouring medium

Hi guys, I’m just remembering to post something about what I’ve been doing. Sometimes I’m making art but forget to post. Lately, I’ve been fooling around with pouring medium. Below is a finished painting:


The medium I used was Liquitex pouring medium and a variety of acrylic fluid paints. It was done in several layers. In the above pic, it’s hard to see “the dots” are actually metallic copper, which is much nicer in real life. The qualities I like most about this medium is it’s conduciveness to working in layers, it’s tendency to make colours more brilliant, its transparency and its free-form nature. It promotes playing without a lot of pre-planning because the medium flows and sometimes the paints slide right off the canvas.

To illustrate how much things can change in working with this medium is a pic of how the piece first stated out:
I used inexpensive 4″ x 4″ deep-edge canvases. It does get messy so a tray underneath is a must. Also, in order to control how the paint flows, a level is a good idea. You can shim the canvas or the tray to be level so your paint won’t go all over the place. You’ll get a better idea at the rate the paints will spread by experimenting. And with practice, a degree of control is possible.

So far, I’m really enjoying this medium and experimenting with different paints and additives.

Weird doodles


Sometimes I just make some weird doodles. I don’t know where they come from or why but they just emerge, it’s the same with some faces I draw. Sometimes I’m embarrassed at the silly things that come out but I decided to post this image anyway for the very reason that I didn’t want to. In fact, this blog is very hard for me because I’m a very private and introverted person. However, I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone in order to connect with others through my art.

Wip, what I’m up to


Hi guys, I’m trying to post more wip pics to show more of what I’m up to. Above, is a little piece I’m working on to look like fired clay. I love ceramics but I don’t have access to a kiln so I decided to try out different types of clay. This one is using Darwi classic air-dry clay, painted with acrylic paint and coated with UV resin. It is gold on the inside and violet/pink/magenta on the outside, with resin little feet. It is super strong and feels like stoneware. I’m still working out the bugs but hopefully I can come out with something I’m happy with.

By the way, I’ve been really into my succulents lately so I’ve been making little pots for them. This piece is a tiny succulent pot.

Hope your summer is going well, let me know what you’ve been up to 😄



I’ve always loved plants but hated gardening (bug phobia). Lately, I’ve realized that succulents are really forgiving despite my black thumb. Above is my succulent arrangement sitting on my kitchen table. I’m thinking of adding more of these guys into my living space.

As usual, I’ve been busy with life and am still struggling to get any art done. I haven’t given up tho.☺️ Thanks for stickin’ with me so far.


Charcoal Sketch


Hi everyone, I just did a quick sketch to test out Strathmore 500 Charcoal paper. The paper is in pad-form (approximately 9 x12) but it also comes in large single sheets.

The good stuff: it’s archival and 100% cotton and not too expensive (about half the price of Stonehenge paper)

The possibly not so good stuff: laid texture (good if you like it), thinness

For me this paper’s laid texture is too pronounced, especially in this size format. It’s hard to blend if you want a softer look. The texture also makes it harder to erase with your putty which makes it harder if you like to work carving by out highlights. Also, the texture heaviness might not be so pronounced, if you use the larger size single sheets that are available. For some, the laid texture might be just what they are looking for but it would have been nice to have had a choice.

The other thing is the thinness of the paper (64lb, 95g/m2). It does not bother me at this size but in larger sizes, it would be easier to flop around and cause dents.

Overall, some might love this paper for the same reasons that some might dislike this paper.


Figure Sketch

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Here’s a little sketch I did to brush up on figure drawing, which I haven’t done in a long, long time. It’s just astounding how skills get rusty and lost if not used regularly. I always thought it was like riding a bike, you do gain the ability back but, with much work and practice. It’s more like doing exercises to maintain fitness; it’s hard but you gotta do it to be healthy.